Sourced & Recycled in south australia by All Purpose Tree Services.
Support your locally owned South Australian & Operated small business.

  • Eucalyptus Mixed Firewood – Hardwood/Gum
    lemon scented – spotted – blue gum – red gum – stringy bark – yellow box – sugar.
    A mixture from the trees we cut down from jobs or private residence.
    • $200.00 per 1 m3
    • $400.00 per 2 m3
    • $50 per wheel barrow load
  • Red Gum Firewood
    • $220.00 per 1m3
    • $50 per wheel barrow load

  • Iron Bark firewood $250 per 1m3 **SOLD OUT*
  • all pricing is + gst

Extra Prices

  • $15.00 stacking fee Per 1 m3
  • $50.00 Minimum Firewood Delivery Fee
  • 2 m3 Minimum purchase of firewood per delivery
  • 2-6m3 Firewood max per delivery
  • Delivery cost varies on delivery location and quantity purchased
  • Pick up from wood yard is available by appointment only 7 Days a week*
  • We deliver just about anywhere in Adelaide Metro, North, East, South & West. Adelaide Hills
  • Commonly asked questions & answers:
  • 1 m3 of Firewood is the equivalent to a 7×4 trailer water level full.

Q: Conversion rate: how many cubic metre is in a tonne??.

A: 1.8 m3 is approx = 1.0 Tonne.

Q: Is wood Dry & seasoned ready to burn.

A: All wood is tested & under the required <20% moisture content for legal sale.

Joel Engels 0405 095 146

Peter Engels 0421 707 666


Firewood Yard Address

  • 40d Neptune Terrace, Rosewater SA 5013

Postal Address

  • Po Box 3463, Port Adelaide SA 5015

My Wood yard is located behind the rear shed, down gravel driveway.

Covid 19 QR code’s for mobile phone check in to yard are located on the driveway gate and on the access door to the rear warehouse.

Native tree mulch available for sale 5 m3 per each load $150 Delivered.  please leave contact details, name, phone, address, quantity – I will put info into a mulch sales list

Please visit my Facebook page Like & share my business & leave a detailed review.


    • Hello we are sold out of red gum for 2020.
      We have mixed gum in stock currently but very limited stock available.
      Call Peter Engels 0421 707 666 to order a load before its gone.

  1. I currently purchased a house on Murry it has over 200 pare and apple trees as I have researched a bit of it it’s a hard wood rare to get hold of and burns hot also good for smokers does anyone have an idea of what I can get for it in Adelaide

    • Hello I don’t have any demand for fruit wood so it’s hard to give you a price to what it’s worth to sell. I would try and find a bbq grill smokers group and advertise on there page. If you would like to talk about anything call me on 0405 095 146 kind regards Joel Engels @ All Purpose Tree Services

  2. Can I please pick up a Sedan car boot of fire wood tomorrow, the length is no lager than 15 inches to fit into Necta / Canara heater.

  3. Hi mate. What size is your wood piece’s? I have a combustion fire place and is only 200mm x 150mm
    Would your wood roughly fit in? I have axe and chainsaws but am looking for wood that I won’t have to cut piece.

    • Hello Dave if you want small sized pieces you will have to come to my yard and pick out wood from the stack and load into your trailer or vehicle. We are open by appointment only phone Joel Engels 0405095146

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