Sourced & Recycled from All Purpose Tree Services.
Support your locally owned South Australian & Operated small business.

  • Mixed Firewood         Hardwood/Gum Firewood
    $185.00 per 1 m3
    $370.00 per 2 m3
  • Red Gum Firewood
    $185.00 per 1 m3
    $370.00 per 2 m3
  • all pricing is + gst

Extra Prices

  • $15.00 stacking fee Per 1 m3
  • $30.00 Minimum Firewood Delivery Fee
  • 2 m3 Minimum purchase of firewood per delivery
  • 5 m3 Firewood max per delivery
  • Delivery cost varies on delivery location and quantity purchased
  • Pick up from wood yard is available by appointment only 7 Days a week*
  • We deliver just about anywhere in Adelaide Metro, North, East, South & West. Adelaide Hills
  • Commonly asked questions & answers:
  • 1 m3 of Firewood is the equivalent to a 7×4 trailer water level full.

Q: Conversion rate: how many cubic metre is in a tonne??.

A: 1.8 m3 is approx = 1.0 Tonne.

Q: Is wood Dry & seasoned ready to burn.

A: All wood is tested & under the required <20% moisture content for legal sale.

Joel Engels 0405 095 146

Peter Engels 0421 707 666


Firewood Yard Address

  • 40d Neptune Terrace, Rosewater SA 5013

Postal Address

  • Po Box 3463, Port Adelaide SA 5015

My Wood yard is located behind the rear shed, down gravel driveway.

Native tree mulch available for sale 5 m3 per each load $150 Delivered.  please leave contact details, name, phone, address, quantity – I will put info into a mulch sales list

Please visit my Facebook page Like & share my business & leave a detailed review.


    • Hello we are sold out of red gum for 2020.
      We have mixed gum in stock currently but very limited stock available.
      Call Peter Engels 0421 707 666 to order a load before its gone.

  1. I currently purchased a house on Murry it has over 200 pare and apple trees as I have researched a bit of it it’s a hard wood rare to get hold of and burns hot also good for smokers does anyone have an idea of what I can get for it in Adelaide

    • Hello I don’t have any demand for fruit wood so it’s hard to give you a price to what it’s worth to sell. I would try and find a bbq grill smokers group and advertise on there page. If you would like to talk about anything call me on 0405 095 146 kind regards Joel Engels @ All Purpose Tree Services

  2. Can I please pick up a Sedan car boot of fire wood tomorrow, the length is no lager than 15 inches to fit into Necta / Canara heater.

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